Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wibbly Wobbly Woo...

One of the songs we like to sing to Sarina goes something like "wibbly wobbly woo... an elephant sat on you....wibbly wobbly wee... an elephant sat on me." It goes on and on with anything that rhymes together.

Here's a little video of our wibbly wobbly girl. Right around her 1 year birthday (Dec 24th) she started taking a couple steps at a time. She's now taking 5-10 steps and can make it across the room. She's certainly quite determined and despite all the falling on her bum, she keeps getting up to practice her walking over and over again.

This video also shows her birthday present - the fisher price house in the background.

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Mahesh said...

Congratulations! She is very cute.
Mahesh and Aru